About Us


STYLE N LIVING is a North Carolina based importer and wholesaler of lifestyle home furnishings. Our goal is to deliver the best in product, design, quality, and values. We offer excellent customer service and innovative sales programs. 

Our affordable, solid hardwood furniture pieces are made from sustainable mango, shisham acacia, and western hemlock-spruce woods. Designers at Style N Living are redefining the eco-designs, modern, elegant, and handmade. Some of our rustic furniture is made from recycled teak, reclaimed and restored woods from old ships and buildings.

Our goal is to make great, on trend and forward thinking designs affordable. To make that happen, our Designers travel the world and work with a passion to reflect our design ethic. We are consumed with details, including raw material sourcing, machine operations, assembly line efficiency and even packaging material.

Tireless efforts by our designers set Style N Living apart from our competitors. R&D on varied materials, construction techniques, finishes, trends help us stay ahead where the trends of future take shape.

We have a showroom in High Point and warehousing in the same local area.