Finishes at Style N Living, refers to the process of refining, look and protecting the surface of the solid hardwood furniture.

An appropriate finish adds the final touch of beauty to wood furniture. A finish which provides uniform color and adds a degree of protection generally requires the application of several coats of oil, wax, lacquer or paint to the surface.

Clean finishes allow the markings and grain variations of naturally beautiful woods to show through. Tinted or opaque finishes change the color of the wood and can make two different woods appear to be the same. Finishes can vary the look of a piece, making it appear smooth and sophisticated or rough hewn or rustic.

Distressing is a technique for aging new furniture and heightening its rustic appeal. The wood is beaten or battered before the finish is applied. Distressed finishes tend to hide finger marks and scratches and can be an excellent choice for rooms where there is a lot of activity.

Painted finishes are another popular way of adding the final touch of beauty. Painted pieces can be more expensive than those with natural finishes because paint tends to point up flaws.

Our wood finishing starts with sanding by hand, typically using a sanding block and power sander. Hand distressing before the sanding if a piece of furniture is with distressed and rustic look and some time after the sanding as well.

Our stained and patina finishes usually consists the single to several coats of eco-friendly and water based finishes and each coat is typically followed by sanding.

The surface having single to multiple coats of oil, water based lacquer and polyurethane finally polished and buffed using steel wool or soft dry cloth. A final coat of wax is applied over the finish to add a degree of protection to the piece of furniture.

The available finishes at Style N Living’s are







Sand Blast





Powder Coat



We do believe that now your sales person or designer will be glad to explain the variations and fill them in on how to extend the life of their new wood furniture by pampering it with the right care.